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New Feature: Multi-Location Check-In

July 18, 2013 • New Functionality

Introducing #allin & #allout

In the past, if you monitored multiple locations in Restroom Alert, you had to log in and out of each location individually by texting the Location Code followed by #in or #out (ex. #1234 #in). Doing that twice a day for 10 stores can get real tedious!

Problem solved. We’ve added two new text keywords that let you check in or out of ALL your assigned locations at once. Simply text #allin and #allout. That’s all there is to it! Of course, you can still use the standard #in and #out commands to check in and out of your Primary location, but you no longer have to send individual texts if you want to check in or out of multiple locations.

How To: Check-In at a Location

Texting #in or #out will check in you or out of your primary location, but what if you want to check in to a different location? It’s easy! You just need the Location Code. Each of your locations has a unique Location Code. You can find it on the left side of the page on any location page. Simply text “#1234 #in” or “#1234 #out”, where “1234” is replaced with your Location Code. If you’re not already assigned to the location, you’ll be assigned automatically and will immediately begin receiving notifications.

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