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What is Restroom Alert?

Restroom Alert is a unique (and first-of-its-kind) Restroom Management System developed to help businesses provide consistently clean, well-stocked and fully functional public restrooms. We believe in the simple idea that “clean restrooms are good business™“.

The power of our system comes from anonymous Restroom Alert SMS text messages sent by the public when they would like to report an issue with a restroom. We process, track and redistribute these alert messages, folding them into a simple business process that provides actionable metrics and improved staff accountability. The accountability aspect of our system includes a SMS text message driven Restroom Check monitoring process combined with escalating staff and manager notifications. Gone are the days of paper logs on the back of restroom doors.

Who is it for?

Our system is designed for multi-unit franchise or chain store operators who need to maintain hundreds or thousands of clean restrooms in locations worldwide. Clean restrooms, and repeatable business processes, are an important part of maintaining a brand’s promise in the eyes of its customers.

Is my business too small?

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop business, regional chain store, or a global brand, Restroom Alert’s team will bend over backwards to help your staff and managers better engage with your customers. We may even make cleaning your restrooms a little more fun for everyone.


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