Actionable Metrics | Restroom Management System

Actionable Metrics

A Real-Time Dashboard for Your Restrooms!

Multi-Location Roll-Ups

If your organization has dozens or hundreds of locations, we’ve got you covered. You can roll your locations up into geographic regions or custom location groupings. That way, you can quickly get to YOUR locations.

Manage Multiple Locations


Status Indicators

No more losing sleep over the status of your restrooms. Each room and location includes a simple red or green status indicator. You can instantly spot locations with rooms that haven’t been checked in awhile or have unaddressed customer alerts.

Tools for Change

Clearly presented data allows you to spot problem locations, shifts, employees and restrooms while seeing the effect of policy changes in real-time. Identifying problem areas makes it easier to implement the steps needed for corrective action.


Pay as you go. No long-term contracts.

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