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New Feature: Multi-Location Check-In

July 18, 2013 • New Functionality

In the past, if you monitored multiple locations in Restroom Alert, you had to log in and out of each location individually by texting the Location Code followed by #in or #out (ex. #1234 #in). Doing that twice a day for 10 stores can get real tedious! Problem solved. We’ve added two new text keywords that let you check in…

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New in Restroom Alert: Alert Hours

June 24, 2013 • New Functionality

We've updated Restroom Alert to make it even easier to define when your locations can receive Customer Alerts. If you are an Administrator, next time you sign in to Restroom Alert, you'll see a new "Settings" tab on each of your Location Profile pages. We'll be adding more functionality to this page over time, but for now this is where…

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