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Improved Process

Goodbye paper logs. Hello mobile 21st Century!

Track Room Checks

Gone are the days of the paper inspection logs on the back of the restroom door. Restroom Alert lets staff and managers log routine Restroom Checks by way of the same short SMS text messages customers would send to report problems. When an employee sends a text, Restroom Alert logs it as an inspection, not an alert.

Restroom Inspection Log


Set & Enforce Policies

Set policies for how often you want your restrooms checked. You can set a base standard that all locations have to meet, then set stricter room check requirements for locations that need a little more attention. We get rid of spoken policies. If your staff forgets to check the restrooms, they get a friendly reminder. If they continue to miss scheduled room checks, we alert you to the issue.

Real-Time Status…Anywhere

Our mobile app takes the paper inspection log and puts it on your mobile device. Check the status of any of your locations, rooms or users right from your phone. It takes seconds to see the status of the restrooms at all of your locations, whether staff is meeting your defined policies and that customer feedback has been addressed.

Digital Restroom Inspection Log

Interactive Restroom Activity Logs

Interactive Logs

Get an unprecedented level of visibility into your restroom management activities. No more shuffling through paper inspection logs or relying on second-hand information. See customer feedback and staff activity from the last hour, week, or even several months. Easily identify long-term trends, whether it’s a restroom or shift that generates a lot of customer feedback, or the ROI on your fancy new hand dryer.

Pay as you go. No long-term contracts.

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