Empty Toilet Paper Dispensers

Should Toilet Paper Dispensers be Refilled BEFORE They’re Empty?

May 8, 2015 • Clean Restrooms

“NO TOILET PAPER” is far and away the #1 consumer complaint submitted via our text-based customer feedback system.

Empty toilet paper dispenser

Since empty toilet paper dispensers totally humiliate and anger the public, is risking a negative customer experience worth the savings on paper costs? Many cleaning crews feel they shouldn’t waste paper by tossing a roll with 5 or 10% still on it. Should your crew’s top priority be to make sure customers are never caught with their pants down?

Here are some possible solutions:

  • Larger capacity or multi-roll dispensers
  • Higher density toilet paper rolls
  • Checking restroom supply levels more often
  • Making TP level checks a priority during routine room checks
  • Assuring crew that tossing rolls with paper remaining is acceptable

Our Restroom Management System quickly identifies and reports these problems, but it still requires well-defined processes, staff training and engaged managers to reduce these easily avoidable customer complaints.

Let us know your thoughts. Tell us how your team addresses this important issue.

2 thoughts on “Should Toilet Paper Dispensers be Refilled BEFORE They’re Empty?

  • Karl B Hensel

    I prefer to utilize all tissue. That is why 2 roll system. If necessary, rotate the partial roll to the number 1 position and put fresh roll in position 2. Do not waste any tissue.
    I ran an account with 26 gang bathrooms. You might be surprised how much tissue you save over a year by careful monitoring. Having 24 hour service at the plant/ooffice structure allowed for constant monitoring and running out of tissue was never an issue.
    Clientele is another issue. A venue such as an office versus a sport or entertainment have entirely different usage. You may in some cases have a porter do nothing but monitor restrooms in a venue like concerts but may not be necessary in an office setting.
    Know the trends for usage and staff accordingly.


  • Sharon Reams

    Forget about toilet paper and try to replace the trend with recycle toilet towel or bidet toilet seat. It will save your money and environment both. Hope you guys will not face any kind of awkward situation then….


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