Clean Restrooms are Good Business

Bring your restroom management process into the 21st century and keep customers coming back!

Get customer feedback, track restroom checks, cleanings and repair tickets. Improve staff accountability and keep your restrooms consistently clean, well-stocked and fully functional.


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Restroom Alert Staff Alerts

Customer Feedback

Your customers send anonymous feedback via simple text messages, reducing their need to post damaging online rants and keeps them coming back.

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Improved Process

Dump the unspoken policies, unfulfilled promises, and paper logs. Keep your staff accountable and monitor all restroom maintenance activity in real-time.
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Dashboard v2

Actionable Metrics

Clearly presented data allows you to spot problem locations, shifts, employees and restrooms. Steps needed for corrective action are easier to implement.

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Bring restroom management into the 21st century

Restroom Alert lets your customers alert you to problems
and simplifies your restroom maintenance process.

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