test | Restroom Management System
  • 2 lights out Poo everywhere. Ok, not that last one. -MG
  • Out of soap in Men's bathroom
  • Almost out of TP
  • needs toilet paper
  • is a mess
  • Girls bathroom is really messy and someone had a accident in the big stall
  • needs toilet paper, needs to be cleaned and needs the feminine hygiene machine refilled
  • needs paper towels.
  • light bulbs burned out
  • overall dirty!
  • Staff was very friendly also.. So happy we came here.
  • piss on floor
  • Need paper towels in the men's restroom... Other than that very clean
  • Need toilet paper and hand soap...
  • paper towels empty
  • handicap bathroom needs cleaning!!
  • no toilet paper!
  • needs someone to clean... very dirty!
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